About us

Take a precious moment to unwind with our organic fashion and wellness products, imbued with indulgent natural fibers, fragrances and a sprinkle of joie de vivre. Lift your mood and reconnect with nature with our range of sumptuous yet responsible products designed for relaxation and self-care and born of a passion for supporting local artisans and building sustainable communities.

Fleur de Lys unites people who care about the planet and its people. A symbol of history, timelessness and purity, our emblem, the lily, embodies the perfect balance of beauty and health. Fleur de Lys awakens your inner joy with products that trigger all your senses, from the sensuous smells of our cosmetics to the sumptuous touch of our silk scarves.

A unique commitment to community, environment and self-care

Many of us, especially in urban environments, have lost touch with the benefits and privileges of buying and using locally sourced, hand-made products. Fleur de Lys was created to rejuvenate the dying embers of a traditional world, where carefully sourced natural products enhance wellbeing, relaxation and bring joy and health to body and mind.

Our exclusive silk scarves from Benares in India are handmade by talented artisans using traditional methods. We are proud to offer a luxury range of accessories, sourced directly from local craftspeople from an area famous for its vibrant and elegant designs.

Photo by Rikonavt on Unsplash

As advocates of natural health with a passion for revitalizing the craftsmanship of local communities and giving traditional artisans a voice, we source our ingredients from traditional communities and aim to raise awareness of their work. This is not our story but theirs.

Organic, cruelty-free, chemical and paraben-free, with no artificial fragrance, our products stand the test of time and support a sustainability community. We care about nature in every aspect of our manufacturing and supply chain. We are committed to minimal waste and recyclable packaging so that everyone benefits from the supplier to the end user.

Join the Fleur de Lys family and connect with artisans and a tribe of wellness enthusiasts. Nature finds beauty everywhere. Together we can share joy and wellness across the world.

Fleur De Lys is a brand operated by Jonsi UK Ltd.